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Proposition Signs

Is your community planning to vote on an important proposition? If so, you need custom proposition signs to let the voters in your area know about the upcoming election and to share your stance. At, we can help you design and create custom proposition signs that are affordable and will get your message across.

Custom Proposition Signs

Lawn signs are the most popular option when it comes to proposition signs. However, you may want to consider investing in some alternative signage as well, such as car magnets. When you choose for your proposition sign needs, you can design your perfect sign using a variety of colors, fonts and images. In addition to simply encouraging voters to “vote yes” or “vote no,” you can customize your sign to include a message that explains why they should be on your side.

When you design your sign using, your finished design will be routed to a local print shop or sign maker for finishing. We work with a vast network of professional shops, and you can depend on them to provide fast service and top-quality products.

At, we specialize in helping people design signs for several applications, including proposition signs. Get started using our simple design tool now, or call 1.855.505.SIGN to learn more.