Top Quality Signs, Locally Crafted

Artwork Guidelines

    Image Quality

    Using the proper image quality is critical when creating a sign. We recommend always uploading vector or high resolution artwork when designing your sign. All of the clipart on is high quality vector artwork.

    Vector: Artwork that can be scaled infinitely and will never lose its shape
    or become pixelated. 

    High resolution: Artwork that has a resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) or better.
    This artwork will produce a quality, moderately sized sign.

    Choosing the right artwork

    When uploading your own sign artwork, follow these guidelines for a perfect sign, every time!

    Quick list of Dos and Don'ts

      Pictures taken with a camera that have not been manually reduced in size
      Professionally created artwork
      Pictures taken with a phone
      Images downloaded from a web search or social sites
      Scanned images 

    Note: If you must use a low resolution image, we recommend making it small so that it will be the least pixelated as possible.

    Find out if your image is high resolution

    • Use photo editing software to open the image and find out the resolution. Here are some rules of thumb:
    • ° 300 ppi – high resolution suitable for quality printing at moderate sizes
      ° 72 ppi – low resolution suitable for viewing on a computer monitor only
    • One informal way to make an educated guess about the quality of the image is to preview the image in Windows Photo Viewer or Apple Preview and zoom in to approximately the size you’ll want your sign to be printed. Does the image look pixelated? If so, it’s an indication you’ll want a higher resolution image. 

    If you have already submitted your sign order with poor quality artwork, the sign shop who picked up your order will contact you to assist with a correction.